Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Auction

Took some friends to the auction.........

We left at 7:30 am, two hours before it began, wanting to get a GOOD look at all the "goods" before it started. They had furniture, books, tools pretty much everything you could think of. My friends and I went to see livestock and poultry. I have NEVER seen anything like this! First off I was WAY over dressed in my cowboy boots and prairie skirt. Second, I had a Starbucks in my hand (my friend treated me for driving) Third, I had make-up on. Apparently you DON'T have to bath to go to the auction or brush your teeth, heck you don't even need teeth! I AM a country girl, NOT a snob, however this was a little over the top. We decided to start at poultry, early enough to take a look at all the birds before the auctioneer arrived. Let me just say that these birds were bottom of the barrel birds, I WOULD NEVER buy one of these poor animals and bring it on my farm for fear they would give my "spoiled" flocks some kind of disease! I felt sad in my heart for these birds, however I had to "suck it up" and get on with the auction. While looking at the birds I met a very nice "veteran of the auction" she has a farm and sometimes if she finds a good bird buys it, she introduced us to this man who comes every week and buys almost all the birds, sick or well and takes them home, butchers them and sells them to restaurants and private buyers under the banner of "buy local", "farm fresh", "free range". I WAS HORRIFIED! I work so hard to sell my meat under those titles because I believe in providing for my customers the very best quality food for them and there family's. It made me sick that some one could lie like that and really be selling complete crap! I wanted to take him out! Instead I chalked it up to a lesson learned. We moved on to the livestock, still sicked out from poultry and people, went to wash our hands and made our way to the benches and waited for the cows to come in. Not so bad, the other animals were not as "ghetto" as the poultry. I MIGHT buy a cow next time. I would have taken pictures but they had signs EVERYWHERE prohibiting it....hmmmm I wonder why?

If you buy your food from a local provider ask if you can visit their farm, if they have nothing to hind they will welcome you. I welcome all our customers. If you buy your meat from the grocery store......that sucks for you......I mean... find a local farm or raise your own! The funny thing is it's not that hard to provide a humane environment for your animals, it's not hard to have "free range" if you have the land. It's sad how the mighty dollar has corrupted the hearts of man. People have no conscious anymore. The folks who are buying the chicken that 2 days prior had No feathers due to mights, have no clue! YUCK!
Okay, okay I'm done ranting for now! On a happier note I've been very busy canning. Canning feeds my soul, I LOVE IT! I know I'm late with "survival story" I'm work'en on it. If you have a farm, garden and kids you know how busy the summer is. I heard it's going to be a early, cold winter here in Oregon! DAMN that "global warming" :)

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jenny said...

Ugh! that's so sad about those chickens! Too bad whoever was selling them didn't take better care of them. Just goes to show that just because someone says so, doesn't mean it's true. That guy ought to be ashamed of himself for doing that!! Makes me sick to my stomach!