Monday, July 19, 2010

Stocking up!

I'm feeling very inspired today! I've been stocking 2 blogs that I love, first one is this lady is a "Rock star" in the world of canning. Every time I read her blog I want to can something. The best part is EVERYTHING comes from her own land....Go check her out and leave her a comment! Someday that will be me, but in the mean time I choose to support my Local farm! I love Greens Bridge!

Strawberry and Raspberry, Marion Berry jam......Yummy!

I also make pies and freeze them, I started that 3 years ago and my family loves it! I make about 15 pies Marion berry, Blueberry, Cherry and peach!

We also harvested onion last week.

Treasure hunting! Digging for potatoes is the ultimate treasure hunt. I had so much fun digging up our spuds!

I keep our onions and spuds in the barn were it's cool.

I also just harvested some of our cauliflower and my dill is ready to pickle something however the cucumbers this year are very slow going, it's that way for everyone. The wet spring has made it a ruff garden year. I'm going to pickle today....Onion, cauliflower and eggs. My family loves picked eggs.

I feel like summer is getting away from me, I have only canned jam! I need to get off this computer and get to work! -blessings

P.S. I REALLY want to can stew! Who wants to come over and teach me?:)


Our Family said...

You are seriously amazing!!! :)

jenny said...

WOw!! Your harvest so far looks great!! Those onions are awesome looking-- I'm jealous! Our onions have never thrived here, but just loooking at yours and others, makes me want to try again next Spring. Thanks for the inspiration!

brooke said...

Old country girl I see. Great job, enjoy that harvest.


joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

ruairi said...

there is nothing more rewarding than picking your own home grown spuds. I love how you get huge and tiny ones , as opposed to all the same size ones in a supermarket :-)

Your blog is fantastic, I WILL be following, thanks you :-)

ps. the shelf full of jam photo is amazing, go you :-D