Monday, June 14, 2010

Hear comes tha sun!

AHHHHHH......... Finally the sun has come out in Oregon. My hubs told me that he heard on the radio it was the wettest spring in 50 years! Most gardening has been put on hold for the last month because of this guy and all of his slimy friends frolicking in the spring rain! I have lost all my cucumbers and bush beans, trying everything to get rid of him I let my ducks out of the pen willing to sacrifice my lettuce, as long as they also feasted on the slugs. Now that the clouds have parted and that BIG YELLOW BALL in the sky has emerged this guy and all his friends are done making me miserable. You reap what you sow..... this is true in all areas of life... There is such an unexplainable feeling of contentment and connection I feel to the earth and our Creator when I eat something so pure and scrumptious that we grew on our farm...NATURALLY!

I'm so excited to work in the garden, I feel like I've been waiting forever for the rain to stop. Oregon is beautiful....when the sun is out :) Our broccoli loved the rain and is growing big and strong. I'm glad for that because last week we used up our last frozen bag.

Now time to go re-plant bush beans and cucumbers. Strawberry season is also here so dust off those canning jars it's time to make some girl style-blessing and HAPPY gardening-

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Anonymous said...

You are so far ahead of us it's a little disheartening. I still have most of my garden to plant. I guess your dad planted his yesterday. June 1 is the approximate safe date for planting here. I do have peas, onions and spuds in.