Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Dinner

This weekend for Sunday dinner things were a little different,
With Jason and I on a quest to raise our own food we decided to butcher one of our ducks. I was not going to be involved in the actual "act" however, my hubs said, "Don't you call yourself a "Farm Girl"? So it was settled, I would be there to witness the death of one of my ducks! This is why God made MAN the hunter gatherer, it was VERY hard for me to watch this, Emma, my third born, really enjoyed the whole process and told me I should, "Go inside and have some tea!" Shocking! This is Emma, sitting across from me at dinner, knowing that I was pushing back the vomit which made her want more and more!


This is the duck...obviously. Such a pretty duck, fly away little friend!

On our way to the chopping block, Jason had the duck in his arms as Emma is defending it's life and Jason is teaching a life lesson.....Granger just thought we were taking the duck to see the goats!

The kiddos watched this, some of you may think that is horrible! However we believe that it was a good time to teach a lesson. You go to your grocery store, buy your 5 lbs of meat, what- ever kind and go on your way, never knowing what it took to get to YOUR plate. Guaranteed the living conditions of the animals that provide your meat, unless all organic are AWFUL and CRUEL. We love our animals and know why our CREATOR gave them to us. So off came the head and up came the chunks, Granger yelled,"What in the world, why did you do that?" Emma just sat back and instructed me to go have tea and..... the duck was dead. I didn't puke, just a little in my mouth, and Granger is now a vegetarian!

This was also hard for the hubs. He skinned it instead of boiling and plucking feathers!

I know I'm smiling....I'm not sure why. Maybe because I'm sick, maybe because there was a camera in my face. This is what raising your food is all about, this is REAL country living, it's hard work, and sometimes very sad. So YOU know where your food comes from?
That's fricken sick!

P.S. I roasted the duck with olive oil, coconut oil, fresh basil and fresh garlic, I didn't eat it but the family loved it!


Anonymous said...

You might be smiling but there is a slight look of terror...or maybe even disturbance, in your eyes.

Lateda said...

yah.. that picture of you freaks me out.. Poor Ducky!
Good for you though.. at least you KNOW what you are eating...

Wendy Girl said...

The word is Shock...
I laugh when I am freaked out.
But man, I am hungry for duck all of a sudden.

Elliotness said...

This reminds me of when Michael Pollan, in The Omnivores Dilemma kills a pig for the first time, and smiles with pride for the camera, and later journals all about his conflicting emotions.
Have you read it? It is good:)