Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I got my favorite mag. in the mail yesterday, so instead of reading my favorite book (The Encyclopedia of Country living) I sat down with this after the kiddos were off to bed, and again like past issues, I read it cover to cover, trying to stop because it will be 2 months until the next issue arrives. It got me thinking, just like my fav. book gets me thinking. It is funny to me what Americans view as poor, most think that if you don't have a new car, a BIG new fancy house a lot of consumer debt and fancy clothes your poor. I wouldn't like it if people viewed me as poor however the life style I choose to support looks, somewhat poor-ish to the average American. I have a old van that is payed for (my nephew Shad loves it, and all the yummy smells) my hubs truck is payed for and my parents gave me there old suburban after giving birth to my 5th kiddo, I think they felt sorry for me! But they are payed for and I am very proud of that and YES there are times when I think,"BUY A NEW FRICKEN CAR!" but I just cant justify it. Our house is small along with our mortgage. We mostly live debt free, that means Cash folks! I get most are clothes form the thrift store or on sale! I do spend money on GOOD shoes! I even scrounge off forgotten fruit trees and stock-up(freeze,can and dry) we buy organic when ever possible and always try to buy local, not because it "cool " because I believe in it! We have chickens that give us eggs, cows and ducks for meat and goats for milk and cheese. I am happy with this lifestyle it's who I am to the core of my person. I don't feel poor-ish, lots of times I feel rich-ish. The other night I was chatting with a lady about my "Farm Girls Sale" and I told her it had lots of "Homespun" goods... and lots of "Old Junk"she looked at me sorta funny and said,"What is homespun?" I felt poor-ish.


Anonymous said...

That's a great post Johnna. It's times like this when I think it's OK for you to feel pride....for going against the flow, daring to be different - all for the betterment of you family! You go GIRL!

Amber Rose said...

Wendy Girl said...

I am with you..
I love being Poorish..
I canned a bunch of Black berries into jelly yesterday(kinda forgot they were in the freezer. I love my Cars (MY Cars) not the banks.
Not to Mention I love that Magazine. I dont pay for mine. I get brads parents when they are done. I love free Magazine Subscriptions.

Lateda said...

Poor-ish? ha! Love adding 'ish to everything.. it makes it all the better.. especially when your name ends with 'ish:)
I think You are just
Farm-ish.. and
organic-ish, with a more
simple-ish and
cheap-ish lifestyle.. call it
poor-ish if you like(arent we all)
but we know your
happy-ish... ha!