Saturday, September 4, 2010


Happy harvest to all who are harvesting! I have been canning for what seems like months but it's more loke weeks. My kitchen looks like fresh produce market :)

French chard and romaine lettuce have been coming out out ears, good thing my family likes salad.......Let me rephrase that.. Good thing I offer lots of salads to my children and explain the benefit's of eating lots of green food. I believe it's important to teach your children how to fuel their body properly and why garbage food makes them feel yucky. You get ONE body treat it right!

Friend and fellow "farm girl" Tiffany brought over her pressure canner so we could can turkey (I have TONS of turkey...another post) We both had NEVER canned meat or used a pressure canner. It was my goal this season to start using one. I was shocked at how easy it was.

Turkey......from my farm! This is why we moved to Oregon, I cant believe 5 years later I have raised my own turkey, butchered it and then canned it! God is good.

We LOVE all the relish recipes from the Ball blue book! I bought a box of 48 ears, 4 for 1.00 from Greens Bridge (my fav farm in Jefferson)

LOTS and lots of Oregon blackberry's!

I did NOT plant zucchini or yellow squash this year. My neighbor did and so I am getting all his extra. I cut them up and put them in my dehydrator and make chips! My family LOVES these with a little salt and pepper, dipped in hummus...yummy!

bread and butter pickles!

A friend of ours owns a nursery and he has a connection with a farmer in Salem for peaches. I got 100lbs for 65$. May seem like a lot but it was the best deal I could find. Greens Bridge wanted 1.00 a lb. Canned peaches are like gold in my home. I use honey instead of sugar and the peaches take on the flavor of the honey, this year I used blackberry honey.


So far 36 quart and 12 pints of applesauce and 13 quarts of apple pie fill! I also use honey in my applesauce and I add cinnamon. Those apples came from Tiffany's house. Olivia and I picked for maybe 1/2 hr. Her apples were beautiful! She uses what she can and then lets others come pick and feeds ALL the apples on the ground to her chickens, alpacas and cows. Nothing goes to waist....A TRUE FARM GIRL! It bugs me when I see fruit or veggis go to waist.

If I got married again this would be my bouquet!

I have lots more canning to do today. Tiff is letting me borrow her pressure canner for a few days. I have more turkey to can, salsa, apple pie fill.....Yadda, yadda! -blessings

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Gosh I'm tired of you making me look bad. **sigh** Can you please STOP being awesome??