Saturday, June 13, 2009


"Man must go back to nature for information" -Thomas Paine

I know it's been a very long time...... almost 2 months since my last post! I've been beyond busy.... Spring is almost over, and Summer is fast approaching. Have you planted you garden? My weeds seem to be growing faster than my veggies!

My wonderful neighbor had 3 of these full of FREE strawberry plants, and if you know me, you know, I LOVE FREE STUFF!

Adding to the flock...8 heritage Dominique chicks.....

4 Araucana chicks....2 turkeys

My chickens seem to think there eggs are as yummy as the customers I sell them to.....not good..... so I covered their nesting boxes to give them some "privacy" and to darken up the space so they can't see the eggs they lay.

So............Do you know where your meat comes from? I have asked you this before.... I know most, if not all of you do NOT know where it comes from, or how it is processed. I want to encourage you to change that!
This is one of the 4 cows we have that is fed on....well.... the grass you see it feeding on.

The 4 cows we have, have 9 acres to graze on! We have Happy, Happy cows!
( if you have a weak stomach do not continue)
"Home grown food" is something I am VERY passionate about (as most of you know) I WILL NOT eat " ghetto" food... Garbage in Garbage out! I want to remind you to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ORGANIC FARMER this summer! This is the butchering process..........

30/30...Shot in the head, a fast, quick death..

Wendy...this head is for you!

Skin off!

getting down and dirty!

This is what lives inside the cow! I thought about doing a "guess" give away with this pic. but nothing can top the placenta!

922 lbs!

this cow cost us 200.00 to raise.

How much do you spend on meat at the local grocery store? Once you have "Naturally raised" beef it's very hard to eat the garbage they sell at the store.

The Meat birds!

Jason and I were "green horns" in raising meat birds, we started with 50 and had 12 die, sad, but very much part of the process!

Emma and Granger with the birds!

"Range free" - "Free range" -"Cage free"-"Naturally raised" WHATEVER you call them, our birds had all the pasture they wanted to graze on!

I sold 20 of the 38 birds, for 12.00 each.....

5 I sold to a customer.....

55 beautiful pounds of strawberries!

=46 containers of yummy freezer jam!

I WILL be picking more next week for canning!
I wish to inspire you to begin your "stocking up" for the tough months ahead. Work with your local farmer your family and friends to provide good food for you and the people you love. I sell beef, chicken, turkey and duck meat, also duck, turkey and chicken eggs. I will also be selling produce out of my garden. I support other farmers in my area that sell goods that I don't produce on my land, I also LOVE to trade and barter.. this is a lost art that I believe is being re- born out of the economic problems America is facing.
"Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat"-Ann Landers
So get to work....Farm Girls!
"He that waits upon fortune, is never sure of a dinner"-Benjamin Franklin


Amber Rose said...

What a great post lady!! Although I could have done without the intestine pile..Oh and I just wanted to say thanks in advance for some of that freezer jam:)

Wendy Girl said...

I am glad we waited 2 months. I was worth it. I am on my way for the head. Have Dinner ready....

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love the update and encouragement. As I said in my e-mail last night, my garden is coming along nice but sloooow...and actually this morning I noticed a strawberry is just about ready to be picked. That will be my 2nd harvest, after rhubarb.

Elliotness said...

Love that your chickens live in shabby-chic-ness with the quilted patterns in the laying area!...and your cow! Well done girl! You and Joel Salatin are my heroes!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog. Very interesting. I am living the farm life too. Have a great fall season!

Rissa said...

The poor Cow!!!
thats so sad!!!
"farm girl" is a great name for a blog, im accualy likeing this one!

MrsMamaHen said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog! I just adore it!