Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It's official! Spring is here and it's beautiful! This post will be different, it wont be about "The Farm" or dirt, animals, worms yadda, yadda. Yes, I'm busy planting, taking care of chicks, waiting the arrival of ducklings and excited about the sun. But with this excitement comes frustration, because like most of you (maybe not) it's time to think about tank tops, shorts, skirts and bathing suits, a season I look forward to and also a season that makes me sorta cringe. As I write this I am eating my trusty organic apple and an avocado for breakfast, yummy right? In my quest to lose the last 10-15 lbs of baby weight( Eve is 18 months old now) I find myself frustrated with the progress. Am I always going to have 10 lbs to lose? I exercise more that any person I know (really) so it must be the food in take right? One of my life goals is to be totally"raw" by 45. That means only eating raw food! I know 45 is years away, however I try to stay close to raw most of the time, except for in the fall, I LOVE to eat in the fall! I know I'm one of those people who could survive on 1 nut and 2 berries, the people who just... "stop drinking soda and lose 20 lbs" or "start walking out to get the mail" and drop 10, really kind.... piss me off! My SISTER reminded me about my last Dr. visit and how the Doc. was REALLY HAPPY with my over all health. :) I'm thankful for that because health has always been my #1 goal .....or has it? My sis also reminded me that we are French and the French are very vein... so am I really just striving toward outward perfection which I could NEVER reach. My stretch marks alone, if connected in a straight line could circle the entire earth! I know tons about food and nutrition, people call me when they want to lose a few. So in my frustration I am writing about it on my blog and many Folks are going to read it (thanks trusty 7)
The hubs just asked me last night why I red "SELF" mag. I had to stop and think about it... Well...... I've been reading self on and off for 16 yrs. I know more than they do sometimes, I'm not trying to boast (french) but when they have articles that say... "New study says if you eat more fruit and vegis your chances of developing cancer drop 60%"..... really? So why do I read it? To look at the 20 year old models with NO fat, NO stretch marks and perfect arms? Never mind the fact they eat napkins, diet coke and smoke like a chimney. The other day I thought to myself, " if I smoke American spirit cigs, they are "natural" and maybe that would help with the last 10" then I smacked myself with a banana peal (really) and did some yoga, and no I didn't feel more "centered". So.... the "food journal" is becoming my new BFF. I will write down everything I put in my mouth along with the exercises I do everyday, if this doesn't work I'm going on the "CRACK DIET"..... But what about the picking you do to your skin? Yuck! Your hair falls out, I have good hair,(french) not sure I want it to fall out just to be skinny, you also start to talk to yourself and bat make believe bugs out of the air, and your mouth does really weired things and your eyes get all buggy, I'm sure it would FREAK my kids out. CRACK BAD! FRUIT GOOD!
P.S. NO I don't have a thyroid problem!....but I might have an attitude problem!;)
don't give me your advice on this subject! (french) I just wanted to vent!


Wendy Girl said...

So...How are the Chicks?

Amber Rose said...

Hmm..I have this recipe from Southern Living (really low fat) for the "perfect chocolate cake", umm I'm gonna go make it now:)

Anonymous said...

No advice here!!!!! ...I wish I had set higher goals to be met by the time I was 45. I would be THERE!

Mrs. A said...

Excellent goals:) Good healthy eating to:)!

Lateda said...

hey frenchy!

are you sure you dont have a thyroid problem??? ha! (I had to)

I happen to be a HEALTH expert.. but I will refrain from sharing all my wisdom.

Elliotness said...

Amber rose does Low Fat?
Well shoot, there is the problem!
Sorry, the German in me longs to give you lots of advice, but I will restrain myself to just one thing.
Never do low loose fat one must eat lots of delicious fat: coconut oil, flax oil, sesame oil, avocado, milk fat, animal fat (from pastured animals, which I KNOW you have). Try coconut oil in that chocolate cake lady, now that is what I'm talking about!

Johnna Sutton said...

So German girl... I know about Fat and the dangers of EVERYthing "fat free" I also use coconut oil for everything. Amber does nothing fat free...we are french! Now I'm commenting on my own fricken blog...wonderful

Amber Rose said...

I was totally JOKING about the low fat!! If I were to post a picture of my rear you would know:)

bradley fam said...

Hey Johnna, I just want to say, after reading through your blog, you have really inspired me. Thank you---:) I want to be a farm girl