Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there"-Will Rogers

What is your inspiration? Spring is in the air...and I am inspired! I'm busy planning my garden and with the world in the state that it's in I want you planning to get dirt under you nails this spring. Growing your own food can save BIG money and it's very easy. If your renting......container gardens are perfect. If you don't like to get dirty.....please remember to support your LOCAL farmer, search out farmers that also sell meat and milk, Craig's list is a wonderful way to find farmers! I see the cow everyday that I get my milk from, I checked out the barn before buying this milk from my neighbor to make sure that she was practicing "clean" and "natural" farming, this woman has turned out to be one of my biggest mentors on organic gardening and farming! I have been trading eggs for buffalo and elk meat and 10lb bags of dry beans! Yesterday I traded 2 doz. eggs for a 7lb. beef roast (home grown). We raise our own beef already but this lady needed eggs and I've got lots of mouths to feed so yippi for beef!! You have a chance this spring to plant a garden that can feed you family for a year! Canning and freezing all your extra harvest or you can go to u-pick farms. I still enjoy making zucchini/blueberry bread and apple butter in my oats is a real treat! I've made fresh pasta sauce all winter long with the neighbors tomatoes that were going to waist. Things are tough for many folks and I give THANKS to the Creator for his provision over my family. My goal is to harvest 3 times as much as I did last year and possibly start a farmers market in my small town. This summer I wont be doing any "vendor sales" with my "rust and crust" that season has passed..... I want to do something BIGGER!

My chickens have also been busy in the garden doing ALL the prep work for me. They eat bugs, fertilize and till the soil as they scratch around. This year I'm doing a movable "salad table" like the one in MaryJanes Farm mag...we eat lots of salad and having a movable table will increase my harvest and then it leaves room in the garden for other vegis. This is a great thing to do if you rent, you can move it with you everywhere you go!

Doesn't that soil look fab!

Chicks are in the feed stores right now! GO GET SOME! Fresh eggs are so yummy and a great bartering tool, even if you live in town you can have a few chickens! I am adding 8-10 chickens to my flock this spring and we are also doing 25 meat birds and yes.... we will be butchering them ourselves.
I want you to be inspired! Inspired to do what the Creator intended you to do..that's different for everyone...... Listen to that small voice in your head and obey! We were created to live in THIS time, a time when thing are hard and I believe they are going to get harder. MOVE on your ideas... they are put in your mind for a reason....GOD put them there! He has chosen you for GREATNESS, however you have to ACT on that GREATNESS! Lastly...maybe? My sis is going to have a class with my Dear old auntie Trish..oh wait she is younger that me....anyway, the class is about shopping at Winco, making yummy food, meal planning, saving money and I am trying to talk her into doing a "how to"on making your own cleaning products. TAKE THE CLASS! I'm SURE you will find inspiration there! God bless-


Wendy Girl said...

Girlie- I just cant get enough of you. Iam so with you on this. My plan is to Double what we did last year, and can all my tomatoe products this year. Could you please let us know more about your Salad table.

Lateda said...

You inspired your "old auntie" on this post! I cant have the chickens.. but I really want to put in some raised beds on this city lot and try my hand at gardening... even IF I cant even keep a poor prim rose alive! Wish me luck... keep me roaring.. and next time to come up to "aunties house" you can sit on my lap and I will treat you with a sucker:) HA!

Amber Rose said...

Ok first Trish..lap? sucker? your weirding me out!!
I'm just happy you included a section for renters..

tinkerverve said...

I need inspiration in this area constantly but I am continually making progress. Just yesterday I picked up the schedule for ordering and picking up chicks.

PLEASE tell me those aren't daffodils that are blooming in your yard right now. Is that really happening in some places in the world right now?

p.s. my tomato seeds are already planted and I know that I'm behind on several other things but I'm getting there.