Friday, November 7, 2008

A the sis

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Amberrrrr happy birthday to you!
Today, November 8th is my SISTER AMBER'S BIRTHDAY! She is finally 21 and now she can have her very FIRST sip of "wonder juice" cheers Amber! My sis and I have not always been close, in fact for most of our lives we have not preferred each other. However that has changed in recent years, in fact I have to thank the Lord for moving her to AZ, because that move changed her, she had more time to chat with me and we got to know each other and a relationship bloomed and out came this beautiful friendship and I treasure her more than ever before, I can honestly say she is one of my very BEST FRIENDS! She is truly one of the neatest people that know and I am blessed to call her my sister! (not blood because the milk mans her daddy)

10. Thanks for being obedient to Gods call on your life because you obeyed I've been blessed!
9.Thanks for making my 16th b-day the best b-day to date!

8.Thanks for pointing out my crooked nose! (I never noticed it!)

7. Thanks for not killing me with the broom 15 years ago!
6. Thank you for your inspiration!

5. Thanks for letting my Hub "shack up" with you for a year! ( he knows he got the better sis)

4. Thanks for chopping broccoliiiiiiiiii...ya
3. Thanks for not judging me!

2. Thanks for teaching me how to smoke!

1. Thanks for being honest, kind, funny, REAL and just yourself! I love you sis!
P.S. You have a pony at home waiting for you.... I'M NOT KIDDING! Happy birthday.. I'm glad you were born!


Amber Rose said...

I'm not sure which is my favorite, our shag carpet or our yellow sofa, or maybe my awesome hair, but truthfully the best part is that I taught you how to smoke:)
Thanks sis for the very sweet write up;) Now..get that corn out of my FACE!!

Wendy Girl said...

I love this post. Not just because your sister is one of my favorite people too, but because its so full of love. I am so glad you two have become so close.
How funny is that Homecoming/prom picture. I love it

Anonymous said...

Ahh! So much sweetness there, Johnna. I love the tribute.

Lateda said...

The milk man must have been a real handsome devil!
And thats great that she taught you how to smoke.. that there is something you don't want to be cheated out of!