Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Farm!!

Howdy Folks! I got a new camera (finally) and it just occurred to me that I have never given y'all a tour of the farm, now that I have a bright new shinny camera I'll be exercising my "blog muscles" The weather has gotten colder and the days shorter and I'm enjoying the season. We are planning a trip to My parents for Thanksgiving, I'm very excited for the rest and relaxation.
Here are some pics of our chickens...That's my lone white leg horn with the buff's and a sex link (that's what type of chickens these are not porn talk;)most of the chickens are out of "molt"now so I'm up to 12-14 eggs a day now!
This is one of our cows, his name is YUMMY, I mean Lighting, he was going to go out to the butcher last week but after 4 hrs of trying to get him into the trailer we decided to re-schedule for a January date. I'm not a huge beef eater but I will tell you there is NOTHING like home grown is NOTHING like what you buy at the market!

This is Popeye the cow.. he is next on the chopping block!

This is Lighting with our neighbors cow Ope.......

God Bless Flash... the best dog ever! He will be going to Washington with us for Thanksgiving!

Now for the ducks... I love having ducks they are so much fun...Oh and our turkey, Mr Scout!

Ivory and the duckings..
and the Daddy.. Turk

I LOVE our goats they are so much fun! We are expecting our first "KID" in January so we are busy making a few stalls in the barn for our Mama's that are expecting, we believe 3 are pregnant! We have been making sure they have there apple cider vinegar with the mother in it for parasite health and plenty of minerals, I'm excited and nervous for the kidding season, I have heard good and really bad storeys.
We have 2 Males "chucky" with the horns and "bucky" without horns, he is in the lower left side of the pic. and "Pearl" in the middle!
Goats are natural foragers so we make sure they have lots of yummy land to chomp on.. grain is hard on there digestive system and can cause acidosis in there body. We believe in Natural animal care! Gretal, Roxy and Charlotte join the others.Fresh goat milk in just a few months, I'm making cheese and soap...Do you have any good recipes?

The duck family....

baby duckings...sooooo cute
Chucky the Goat!

So that's the farm folks, I LOVE our little farm, it's so much fun.. a lot of work but so rewarding! I'm very blessed to have these Animals!


tinkerverve said...

Thanks for the tour! I want animals SO BAD! ...but it worries me too, to make that commitment. Also, we don't have a barn, stalls, would be huge to take that step. I plan on chickens for sure.

Amber Rose said...

LOVE the pic's girl!! I did not know your goats were PG..well maybe now that I'm home I should buy a new kid from ya..hmm how would I get a goat home..that would be a really long drive:)

Wendy Girl said...

I have the room, but no courage.
Maybe one of these days...

Lateda said...

Hey FARM GIRL! Wow. I did NOT know you had such a FARM! I mean.. I knew you had the "things" around.. but not so MANY! Sheeshh!
My favorite name of course is the Daddy, "TURK". Seriously Radical.
Chucky and Bucky are awesome as well.
Keep up the FARMIN'... somebody has to. ENJOY the Thanksgiving festivities!

Timi said...

Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing. Makes me want to move to a farm. Then I realize how lazy I am and how much work a farm really is. I'll just come admire your pictures when I think having a farm is what I want to do.