Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm so happy to have my computer back! The sound doesn't work because "someone" spilt coffee on it and fried the "mother board". Who could have done that? ;) I'm okay with no sound......for now. I WILL NOT go into debt for a new computer. Hope your New Year is off to a good start. I'm coaching 6th grade girls basketball right now and we are in the home stretch with our home addition (4 years later)

It has been raining soooo much this winter in Oregon. The sky finally parted and this BIG yellow ball appeared!! I thought for a moment it might be the second coming but then I remembered..... THE SUN! I spent all day in the garden on Saturday, spreading compost and old wet hay, dreaming about what to plant this spring.

Jason and I want to expand the garden this year, that makes my heart happy:) I hope y'all are busy planning your gardens.

We are getting 2 pigs this week, I'm so excited! I'm not a big pork eater (unclean meat) but it's nice to have on occasion and I can sell it for 2.50 a pound. We just butchered our BIG red Angus last week, we've been out of hamburger for 2 months, I've had to buy it out of desperation, can I just say that store bought meat SUCKS! It's so fatty even the so called "good" stuff. One of our freezers is full of chicken, Jason and I have raised Cornish cross meat chickens for a few
years now, but we always brought them to the processing plant.
They come back nice and clean, in there perfectly sealed bags. We decided we were
paying someone to do a job that we're capable of doing ourselves. I'm the kind of person that has to see someone do something before I can do it.
I don't have a mentor, I've always wanted one. ;( Most things I've had to teach myself and I knew it would be the same with home butchering. Thanks to you-tube and one of my farm heroes
Stella at We have butchered lots of birds, 4 turkeys, over 40 chickens and a few ducks. Thanks Stella! More to come in the next few days. The sun is out and I must go get my hands dirty-blessings

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stella said...

Ah, I am so happy right now. It does make me feel good to know that someone got some goodness out of my method of madness to help them along the way. So proud of ya!
You just made my day.