Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I know it's been a long time. With basketball ending, softball and t-ball beginning, PTA, 4-H, field trips, planting, mowing, yadda, yadda.... I've had NO time to blog, I'm sure the same is true for lots of "Farm Girls" Ahhh...... there is nothing like fresh cut flowers from your yard. I love putting my worn Muck boots on with snips in hand, making my way though the gardens and bringing in the harvest, weather it be flowers, fruit or veggies. It brings me back to the simple things in life and right now boy do I need simplicity! Sometimes I think I'm NUTS! I'm sure all of us have those moments. Spring is such a busy time for my family. Actually.......all seasons are busy for me.

I tend to say, "yes" to almost everything! I have so much going on everyday, I need summer to come FAST! However summer, has taken the slow boat to Oregon, it has been cold and raining for most of spring, we've had record rain fall this year. (global warming...ha) Yes it's good for the water table, and good for all my seeds and starts but I NEED some organic vitamin D.

This is my favorite tree.....I'm not sure what kind it is and I really don't care, I just love to watch it go though the seasons.

I planted my asparagus 3 years ago not knowing that it takes 3 years to get a crop, my sister told me, and I being...well.....me.... told her, "oh...ya.... I know that." I'm such a punk!

I love me clothes line!

This is my sassy 2nd born Olivia! We celebrated her birthday recently and this is such a classic picture of her all dressed up to go to the big city with Mom and Dad for Greek food, we had so much fun! I really can't believe that she is 10!

This hansom guy turned 5 three days after Olivia turned 10, this was a hard one for me, Granger is my only boy out of 5 kiddos. He is such a treasure.

Because I have sooo much extra time I decided to add one more CRAZY thing to my schedule..... Roller Derby!!!! I'm VERY excited about this NEW venture. It takes me out of my comfort zone and I LOVE that! My first practice was last week, I was so excited and VERY nervous. Well... 5 minutes into "open skate" I fall.....and sprained my ankle and now I'm out for 3 weeks. Ahhhhh what a blow to my spirit, I do not like to sit! I'm a busy bee and 2 days into my sitting I told the hubs, "I don't know how folks can just sit and watch T.V. all day, I'm going CRAZY just sitting! I'm happy to report that I am walking now and my ankle IS getting better! I'm taking lots of supplements and soaking my foot in apple cider vinegar (shocking I know). I'll have a lot of derby "make up" to do after my foot is better. Life is funny like that ;)

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