Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It just took me 5 minutes to upload 4 pictures!!! With dial-up it took me 20-40 minutes to upload 1 picture. I'M A NEW WOMAN!

I love every season, that's part of the reason I moved back to the "mainland" and spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming and the trees are budding. I feel fresh, new, and excited about our farm and all the new exciting things that are happening here. (like high speed) The potatoes, onion and peas are in the ground, we are planting spinach, radish and carrot this weekend! I found a pressure canner at an estate sale for 15.00, I'm very excited about canning more veggies season, I'm excited the sun is out, my garlic is coming up and I have dirt under my nails, and the best part is that I can blog about it in 15 minutes!!

The chickens are happy on there pasture, we seem to be getting more eggs that we can eat. I'm adding 10 more to my flock this spring, because now that I have "high speed" I will be promoting all my "farm goods" on line, also our Jefferson Farm girls chapter is starting a farmers market in Jefferson!
Our first hatching of the year gave us 12 duckings! Duck are fun to watch and fun to roast. We are hoping to start selling our ducks to an Asian market. Muscovy ducks are a heritage breed, they prefer to free range and they keep the land clean of slugs and bugs.

Blessings to you and happy planting!
(I heart high speed)


Amber Rose said...

Look at YOU!! Rocking the UBER cool farm pic's!! Yay!! Welcome to the blogging club!! (ok now go leave a comment for me, or this is the last comment I'm going to leave for you..hurry!!)

nut or berry? said...

I love all that you are sharing! The chickens are beautiful! Can't wait to see the pics of the farmer's market ya'll are going to exciting!

Sara Louise said...

I have know idea how I lived before Wi-Fi. Sometimes I hum that old dial up noise just for fun.
"Ducks are fun to watch and fun to roast"... FUNNY!