Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So...... I had to take a "blog break" I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking about "the blog" all I could talk about was my "next post" my Hubs went on a weekend fishing trip and the first thing he said to me when he got home was..."how's the blog" I had to stop... cold turkey....I didn't even check my e-mails! Actually, I have been busy.....Volleyball party, Ivory the duck hatched 4 ducklings, the opening of High school musical 3 (yes, I waited in line for 2 hrs and bought tickets a week in advance) harvest party/ Eve's 1st b-day, helloween..... Oh.. I mean Halloween, basketball and play practice...Wow! My camera is broken so I scrounged these up from Grammy Barb. Harvest party games with the kiddos and there friends... we had so much fun!
Kiddos playing musical chairs! We also had adult musical chairs which I won because I am a FREAK! I beat out 4 Big guys, 3 chair were broke, maybe I'll go pro.... self sponsored!

Grammy Barb with baby Eve and cousin Trinity going for the face!

My Mom ordered this from her good friend Elaine for Eve......

She is such a blessed jewelry maker...

I know... I know...crappy pics.. Leave me alone I have 5 kids! It says... Eve...heavens child.

Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you so much Grammy Diane and Elaine! WE LOVE IT!!!! If you like this Elaine does custom orders!
Random thoughts.....

-If my "helloween" comment bothered don't care, well maybe I do. I just think that is kinda evil, and really, do American children need candy?

-Are you "stocked up" for winter? What does your freezer and pantry look like? I am STILL eating tomatoes from my garden, Alexa(oldest kiddo) put all the green tomatoes in a big paper bag and they are ripening slowly! I cant believe it's November and I'm eating FRESH tomatoes from the garden!

-I'll have pics of Ivory and her ducklings soon.

Okay blog stalkers that's it for today.. I will be posting again tomorrow because I am doing something REALLY, REALLY fun on Friday night and YOU are all invited!!! I will have all the details tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! So glad you like the bracelet and I would love to make it smaller if you want.. ;-)

Amber Rose said...

I love the picture of Eve's chubby hand..makes me miss having babies..well almost miss it;)