Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello fellow blog stalkers! Fall is in full swing and the count down for rain has begun. Have you taken a walk in the brisk fall air? The weather in Oregon has been beautiful!

The weekend was full of "soul food" my kiddo's had no school Thursday and Friday, so off the 6 of us went Thursday morning to pick "free apples" 3 of these bushel baskets full!

We made apple butter, apple pies, apple crisp, to put in the freezer for winter and to give as gifts for the holidays. We also made a big pot of chicken soup and had the in laws over for Sunday dinner. Eve and Grandpa

The hubs finished the addition to our chicken coop and finished the cosy nesting boxes for my "laying Lady's".

We have 25 hens and 1 rooster (harry) and for the last month we have only been getting 2-5 eggs a day, I know its molting season, however, I was doing everything to encourage them to lay, even dedicating 20 min. of "special " time for the hens, I knew they were laying somewhere.....???Well Emma (3rd born) found 5 dozen eggs under the new hen house.. Jack pot!!!
So now we will be getting hopefully around 20 eggs a day! I need to sell some, or my kids are going to be the kids that bring boiled eggs to school.. remember those kids? I do, and I remember thinking, "um....stinky".
My best friend Mya in Texas has finally started a blog, YIPPEE! So please check it out it's going to be full so sassy inspiration, you will love it!

personal note: blogging is funny, do you even give a crap that I made pie and fricken chicken soup? So I spend all this time writing.... I made soup, Emma found eggs and my kids might stink at school, we ate Sunday dinner......Um big fricken deal. I should be exercising. Why is blogging so addictive? I'm off to think about what other random nothingness I'm going to blog about... wait isn't this whole post a personal note? oh yeah, welcome home sister tres birds and auntie la.te.da, hope your mexico trip was......mexican. blessings


mya-papaya said...

Oh how delicious those apples look! I wish I could scoop up a dozen of those farm fresh eggs too! And I do give a crap about what you do all day, even the little stuff! And yes this blogging is addictive!

Timi said...

I love when you do posts! It sometimes inspires me to get off my butt and STOP BLOGGING!
I don't know why it's so addicting but it is! I wonder if there are support groups yet? I'm needing one.

Wendy Girl said...

I love your random blogginess. I always like to hear that I am not the only one making 6 different kinds of Apple Foods on one day.
3 days a week I voulenteer all day, so I need something to read about while I sit here.

Yarni Gras! said... pickin', hens layin', chicken coop buildin'....if you could see how GREEN I am right now. Silly but I actually have tears in my eyes. What a wonderful day.
BTW, that soup looks tasty.....share the recipe?

My Grandkids ROCK said...

I actually love to read your blog. It is so cute. I think you remind me of me. I had 4 little ones (now 16, 22,24,26) and chickens. Now I have grandbabies. Keep on blogging and I'll keep on reading them:) Pam