Monday, October 6, 2008

Farm Girls All Sale

WOW! What a sale! I have so many people to thank! A big thank you to my Mama for coming to help with the kiddos, thanks to my AUNTIE Sarah for all of her help and inspiration, thank you to Leslie-Ann for all your hard work, thank you to my hubby and my kiddo for being WONDERFUL! Thank you to Mya (bff in Texas) for your words of wisdom, thanks to Diane Kaser (Molly Moe's) because... your nice, and very supportive, thanks to Pam lamb and her clan of sassy lades, cant wait to sip coffee with you! Thank you to all the wonderful folks who support Farm Girls, WE LOVE YOU GUYS, and last but never ever least a HUGE THANK YOU to my blessing of a sister (tresbirds)who has been my biggest cheerleader. Now it's time to rest and read a book, maybe do a cleanse. blessings-J

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Yarni Gras! said...

great to hear you had a good time and made some sales!