Friday, September 5, 2008

Our first award!


My sis (AKA Tres Birds), has given the Farm Girls an award.

My sister loves the blog world she has a fancy camera and takes fancy photos of things like hard boiled eggs, olives and her glasses. She buys "creative blogging mag" and she leaves comments on every post. Obviously she is our #1 fan. I am still trying to remember my password so that I can leave a comment. That word verification thing what’s with that? I had to redo it 6 times and then they make you feel bad by putting a wheelchair by it. WHATEVER!

So I would like to start off by saying ‘Thank You’ to the sis, whom I love dearly and very happy to have in my life. I also want to thank my parents for making me take typing 101 in high school and I want to thank our fans because with out you we would be.....ummmmmm, fanless?

I also want to say a ‘Thank You’ to L because she is the mastermind behind the blog; I just write little ditties and she fixes ‘em.

Now we are going to have to give this fancy award to 4 other bloganaters, however these blogmysters have to be just as Fancy as the Farm Girls, so *‘Get that corn out of my face’ I’m on a blog frick’n mission!


*Jack Black quote number 1

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Amber Rose said...

Would you like to come back to my quarters for some toast?